Four Steps to Building Your Brand

A brand is a promise you make to your clients. It’s a claim of distinction, a quintessential uniqueness for your agency or product. Branding results from a process of truth and self-realizations about your agency and that begins with four key components:


Once the discovery is completed, the agency uses these facts and insights gained to bring forth a…


The brand essence is a short statement about your agency and what makes it interesting and unique. It’s like the theme statement you used to write in college for your term papers – everything one needs to know in one paragraph. Out of this brand essence comes a…


This is your rallying cry. It’s a defining phrase that you can place beside your agency’s name. It’s the key to being interesting. With brand statement in mind, your agency should then concentrate on its…


Right: This is the last step in the branding sequence. Start here, and you’re starting wrong.

Four Ways to Stand Out

  1. Adopt not just a brand, but also a distinct point of view.
  2. It’s all about content.
  3. Lose the PowerPoint and get real.
  4. Maximize the first meeting.

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